Suresh Subedi
My name is Suresh Subedi. I live in Bruges, Belgium. I am a ASP.NET MVC programmer/developer. I am interested in working with ASP.NET MVC and to expand my knowledge of ASP.NET and .NET. I already know a few things about LINQ, Entity Framework and MVC parts of .NET. This website is built using PHP but I have used ideas out of ASP.NET MVC a lot in this website.

I am quite excited about ASP.NET Core MVC and .NET Core in general.

In this website I experiment with different proof of concepts, learn new things and practice what I have learned. I also try to make it useful for others by adding different functionalities.

I like learning to build and building software following conventions and best practices. While I am not working for you, I am working in my projects learning new things and practicing what I have learned. I have programmed in Java, PHP and Python. I built a simple CMS/wiki in PHP to learn it and to use it for my own purposes. I built Android app using Java. I built a text editor using Python. I think C# is a neat language as well.

I was born and raised in Pokhara, Nepal. I live in Bruges, Belgium (Brugge, Belgiƫ).

I am a curious person who likes to know how things work. I like building products that are useful and easy to use. I am more interested in learning and building things than I am in marketing, writing extensive documentation (beforehand) and such. I am available for hire for good offers.

Android apps on Google Play Store:
About this site: This site is built using light php mvc framework and various javascript libraries including bootstrap, jQuery, MathJax, Prism Syntax Highlighting. It uses HTTPS protocol and as such information sent by the user is encrypted between server and user and can't be accessed by attacker in the middle.
Android App HTML Editor
Python 3 Tkinter Text Editor with Syntax Highlighting