ESXi Server with shared virtual harddisk

I currently can access shared harddisk in ESXi server with laptop and gaming desktop. I however can't access form my android phone. If anyone knows how to access it in android, please let us know.

I use FreeFileSync to sync shared harddisk in 4TB HDD in my gaming desktop. I use scheduled task to run it automatically.

Specs Server:

Intel Pentium G4560 (Processor)
Seagate Barracuda Compute 2,5", 2TB (Harddisk)
ASRock DeskMini 110 (Motherboard, case, powersupply)
Crucial CT8G4SFS824A (8 GB RAM) x2

	ESXi Server
		Windows 10
		Virtual Hard Disk for Data (Shared via Windows)


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