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Tag expansion

Text between space(or begin of line) and cursor is converted to xml tag on pressing tab.


Preceding spaces and tabs of current line are inserted to next line as well.


  1. Ctrl + 1 = h1 tag
  2. ...
  3. Ctrl + 6 = h6 tag
  1. B: Bold
  2. I: Italic
  3. U: Underline
  4. S: Strikethrough
  5. G: Superscript
  6. K: Subscript
  7. E: Break


LaTeX between $$ and $$ or \[ and \] is rendered as display math. E.g: $$A = \pi r^2$$
LaTeX between \( and \) is rendered as inline math. E.g: \( A = \pi r^2 \) is displayed within this line.


Text between [[ and ]] is displayed as internal link. Eg: [[School]] gives [[School]].

Syntax highlighting

Prism is used to highlight code between <pre> and/or <code> tags. Eg:


Image can be inserted and displayed in the document using Upload file button.

Table of contents

TOC is created using html headers (h1 - h6) and is displayed while reading (not while editing/creating).


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